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Guest-3407 killed you, Cyberian. When will people ever learn that public forums are places where the foolhardy come to die? :_eyes
2021-07-07 19:53:13
Damn, MovierRMe! They should make a trash film about how you got your ass handed to you on this thread. I think this is the first thread I've ever read where its entirety is all about bashing some moron's brains verbally (or in writing in t...
2021-06-29 21:33:43
MovierRMe...if your user name is to actually have any meaning...there are people on YouTube who make a living reviewing nothing but bad movies. They don't do it merely to trash them but to enjoy a good laugh with other like-minded movie fans who...
2021-06-29 21:25:41
Thanks for continually uploading this show. I've been watching Crank Yankers for nearly 20 years. I'm surprised it's lasted this long...guess a good 'ol prank call will still be funny as long as phones still exist. :_:-@
2021-06-10 17:42:32
Thanks for the upload. :_:)
2021-06-10 17:38:40
Thanks, uploader!
2021-03-10 01:41:12
This one is a newer classic...if there is such a thing.
2021-03-06 06:46:50
I second Reaper. But until the better flix gets released, it'll do.
2021-03-06 06:44:56
It's okay brain candy...if it were sugar-free. In other words, it's tasteless but will do until something better comes along. Audio 8 Video 8. Thanks!
2021-03-06 06:42:38

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