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Appreciate the comment and dedication to old style MCU and comics!
2022-09-09 17:52:45
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sorry 3204, I called you 3769. Was it an error, anyway? Anonymous efforts lead to become anyone and feed others a push to mistake. "A sophistical art for giving to its ignorance, indeed even to its intentional tricks, the air of truth, by imitat...
2022-11-19 15:45:33
Sonja : But judgement of any system or a priori relation of phenomena exists in any rational or metaphysical or at least epistemological contradiction to an abstract and empirical concept such as being or to be or to occur in the thing itself or of t...
2022-11-19 15:32:28
3769 one is in opposition, the other emphasis but related to a consciousness stream. You didn't read well Raymond Queneau. Ask Doctor Strange, or Wong if he's busy.
2022-11-19 15:24:12
3769 please tell us about the conspiracy by filthy aliens.
2022-11-19 14:42:14
yes, 8585, let's face the truth: earth is flat, and bill gates puts microchips in vaccines, and control them with 5G. Also, albino crocodiles living in NY sewers, ya know. Wait, I forgot to write "woke", the favourite word by conspirac...
2022-11-19 14:40:27
Agree, they are overacting, then suddenly they dance and sing on embarassingly super-mainstream lullabies.... what regularly happens everyday in normal life, right? GREAT CINEMA adressed to those making the quotes with fingers.
2022-11-19 14:35:30
I've been pessimistic 'cause of a desert in comments and rating, now I see there are people interested.
2022-11-18 03:12:30
TGxTV = 10/10 is an asset.
2022-11-16 22:52:57
Heck, I had two large, warm tears in my eyes because of a tiny rusty lovely robot looking like a vacuum cleaner with a sad eye/cam... In first episodes Diego Luna seemed to me he was feeding us a weak, too briefly drawn character, but he progressi...
2022-11-16 22:47:13
nobody cares
2022-11-11 03:07:37
Andor really impressed me. While The Mandalorian, Obi Wan Kenobi or Boba Fett have a peculiarity, that I would call "Star Wars seen by Walt Disney's eyes", Andor is an evolution of George Lucas' POV. It's more Lucas' tha...
2022-11-10 04:11:58
yeah, indeed Caroline Flack, Taylor Swift, Camille Rowe, Olivia Wilde are all males. :_facepalm
2022-11-05 23:55:34
oooh, the gay police comes everyday at your home making you swallow gayness, and you had enough. It doesn't happen, but why not complain about it? Take this kleenex to dry your tears. Before you try the pathetic reply "ah your (not you'...
2022-11-05 23:47:54
Clever people don't give a F to neo-nazist lies. Try with a facebook group of simpletons.
2022-11-05 19:45:19
I just watched the "movie", it seems it was written by a 12 years old fashion victim, caring about making the fashion idol look so coooooool everywhere, everytime, every frame for no reason whatsoever. Only for fans of this "musician&q...
2022-11-04 00:50:46
Machine Gun kelly is super-mainstream pop, sometimes with a touch of super-soft rock even my grandmother could listen to, for vain trendy people. NOT "rock".
2022-11-04 00:40:43
Thanks, waiting for ep. 7/8
2022-10-24 00:08:22
THIS is the episode where things happen, after a loooooong prologue.
2022-10-06 20:16:39
I watched it, knowing that 99,999% of horror movies about students are idiot. After 10 minutes I understood this was VERY, VERY idiot, but I told myself: let's dig the idiocy, pardon, the "movie" more, to avoid "watch it before co...
2022-09-30 17:43:19
lol, agree, that guy looks so satisfied :_:D
2022-09-25 21:42:55
...and collect many comments against his attitude.
2022-09-25 21:28:10
Guest-9473 ok, you mean Jaxe is EXCESSIVE, WAY beyond passionate. I faced many italians like him, so I'm "used" to them, but I understand your point. I just tried to explain my experience, but I understand he doesn't get in global...
2022-09-25 21:26:16
@Guest-1225 I agree; sometimes Jaxe is a little too harsh, but I was born in Italy to english parents, spent many years in there before relocating in NZ, so I know THAT kind of italians. They sound rude but it's because they're SO passionat...
2022-09-25 09:29:15
Yes, by the screenshots it could be a wino movie, an hospital story, or something about zombies
2022-09-24 18:34:56
Movie title: It Crawls Beneath - cover and trailer title "They Crawl Beneath"... Probably they were still to decide.
2022-09-24 18:32:07
Video/audio 10/10 congrats TGxTV. Making fun of trendy people; an asset. But I'm not sure it's working well. Anyway doubt is better than a boring certainty. Immortal is useless. John is as hateful as pretty pupperino. I don't lik...
2022-09-22 20:50:43
yeah it's very difficult rich people go to jail. Among working and mid class you never see a black "walking out of jail on technicality". So what? Tell me more about racists' meaningless arguments against reality.
2022-09-22 05:35:20
It did it. Added to my recommended movies.
2022-09-21 20:16:46
I'm around 30th minute and I'm really enjoying this groundhog day restyling :_B). Let's see if it keeps interesting 'til the end.
2022-09-21 19:01:59
My same thought, hence I gave 4 stars... This stockholm syndrome showcase is fascinating, but in real life I tend to overreact as soon as someone tries to bother me, so it was hard to digest it.
2022-09-18 02:33:48

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2022-10-21 15:06:26
That's a democratic choice, animators could have a too big advantage, we all know (being cinema fans) moving pics attract more than static ones. I understand and agree.
2022-09-14 14:04:45
Too bad only jpg or png, should have been funnier with the anim/video option (anim gifs or SVG)
2022-09-14 13:22:47
2022-09-10 00:57:23

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