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no sense of humor
2024-07-11 23:49:26
Some good stuff over on The Boys 💋💋💋
2024-06-21 16:24:03
Happy friday my friend ;)
2024-06-01 13:38:40
I go to bat against some of the lunatic fringe on here, and there are some people I know will have my back. Thanks for the support 😘 It matters 😘
2024-06-01 03:36:08
Hello KingRagnar. Welcome to my Profile. Thank you for visiting. Have a good morning and a pleasant day. Nat 🎈
2024-05-14 13:02:33
I like your User Picks! Seems we like a lot of the same stuff. 😁👍
2024-02-29 19:19:06
I'm always seeing your name around, and we often like/vote similarly; hope your 2024 has started off wonderfully! :)
2024-01-23 16:02:49
Have a terrific New Year!
2023-12-28 17:10:37
happy sunday
2023-12-17 10:25:58
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Guest-1845 true,but anyway unironically not talking about some random post or opinion like mine,but in general about media and art some people attention span is cooked I seen gen z tell HOTD or The Boys are boring which is insane to me some people ca...
2024-07-10 12:06:12
Guest-3664 don't worry I wasn't that serious in that reply just a joke about gen z attention span I appreciate your opinion and feedback and glad we agree on points about the show choreography being good,but the rest of the show and the wri...
2024-07-10 12:01:04
Few paragraphs is too long? Damn did tiktok and social media and cancerous shorts format did huge damage to people attention span and brains gen z aren't reading any books with attention span that short I can tell you that much glad we agree on ...
2024-07-10 10:58:34
For some reason the few end sentences where cut off from my comment so what I wanted to say at was it has bad writing even by disney standards which had some good projects like X-men 97 this year and that this show makes even highly flawed shows like...
2024-07-10 08:41:03
This show is basically best summarized as fight and choreography=good to great. The writing=beyond awful some of the acting especially from main actress and kids in episode 3 was also really bad. Qimir and Carrie-Anne Moss character and maybe Sol,but...
2024-07-10 08:17:54
What you provide about disney using bots and imdb erasing reviews and manipulating scores is literally baseless delusional conspiracy theory with no factual basis that you couldn't justify with actual evidence other than conspiracy theories by a...
2024-06-26 21:53:55
Brrzrrkrr who are you trying to gaslight? Progressive shows get review bombed by far right snowflakes all the time this show has more reviews than all three seasons of Mandalorian combined and you want to gaslight people that there is no review bombi...
2024-06-26 21:52:25
It's hilarious how triggered by women and gay people conservatives are darcman atleast doesn't hide it Brrzrrkrr is obvious homophobe and racist,but hides it by your typical far right buzzword terminology like "DEI,WOKE" that he c...
2024-06-26 21:39:49
Lucas literally created Star Wars as allegory for Vietnam war and the good guys where Rebels who represented Vietcong against USA empire his own words it was always anti-fascist and progressive,but expecting far right to have media literacy would be ...
2024-06-26 21:37:21
What did I tell you people in the past about the far right not knowing how to formulate arguments rare example of actually well written quest comment and review on the episode and the first response is empty homophobia the second response has zero co...
2024-06-26 21:33:51
If someone critique about the TV show that always prioritized great three-dimensional characters and intelligent writing over mindless action is that it's not just mindless action fest it's not a critique it's zoomer with fried attenti...
2024-06-26 00:36:13
Lmao quest account clowns responding to my comments and calling me stalker than I respond literal delusional victim complex right wing behavior. I am tolerant of people having intelligent critique not the critique I usually see about House Of The Dra...
2024-06-26 00:33:46
Guest-2443 why are you such a whiny snowflake? If the opinion is I don't have attention span to watch complex dialogues and great character development and want mindless action only like it was F&F yes calling them imbeciles is appropriate....
2024-06-25 07:49:42
Also never said everybody is racist or sexist just people that can't formulate arguments use braindead buzzwords like "woke" and cry about seeing woman and minorities in tv shows or movies seems that hit to close to home I love being f...
2024-06-24 11:40:44
lmao define woke brainwashed right wingers you use meaningless buzzword as an argument sad and indoctrinated by far right ideol. Also seeing far right is pretty easy by their garbage takes,lack of critical thinking and overuse of meaningless terminal...
2024-06-24 11:38:23
It is imbecilic because the show has amazing acting and scriptwriting and is one of the best most well written shows in the last 5 years not for zoomers with zero attention span also I can dislike what I want it's hilarious how I live rent free ...
2024-06-24 11:36:04
Your conservative victim mentality is pretty pathetic I never insulted anybody who actually analyzed plot,charecterization or writing of the movie or tv show or just had different opinion I insult far righters crying seeing woman, and minorities on s...
2024-06-21 08:48:49
I believe in factual and empirical evidence not bronze age fairytales also am secular humanist and atheist and I don't insult everybody just maga cultists or anti sjw grifters brainwashed people that can't formulate arguments without using ...
2024-06-21 08:46:16
lmao such a typical weak response from brainwashed far right npc no counter arguments no logic,no critical thinking since you have none and you know that my points are factually correct and the show is progressive,anti religion and far right idealogy...
2024-06-21 08:12:30
Yes never said that far left communist regimes can't be authoritarian,but the show is obviously targeted at far right authoritarian thinking from literal nazi characters like Stormfront being far right parody to insane conspiracy conferences and...
2024-06-20 19:48:32
Also what themes in the show or graphic novel are left leaning are you that media illiterate? Show criticized corporate oligarchy,plutocracy and authoritarian thinking with Homelander,criticized organized religion as dangerous in the show openly and ...
2024-06-20 19:12:41
Show is mocking maga extremism which yes is far right by any definition for me as European only america has such a far right overton window where authoritarian nationalist party wanting to away woman reproductive rights and LGBT+ right,censor interne...
2024-06-20 19:08:21
Best episode of the season Anthony Starr acting is phenomenal and emmy worthy and Homelander backstory was really well done,Homelander is both terrifying monstrous psychopath and pretty tragic character since he know if he wasn't tortured and br...
2024-06-20 18:16:26
lmao last season right wingers are coping hard season 5 is already confirmed and Gen V s2 is a confirmed and it's one of the most streamed and success shows in the world MAGA cult can't cancel culture this as much as they want. This show is...
2024-06-20 18:08:58
First of all if you put that much importance into upvotes or downvotes on torrent comment section you need to touch grass,get a job and get laid I only I upvote good takes and downvote stupid and imbecilic ones just so happens you and jaxe usually ha...
2024-06-19 17:53:22
I don't comment often because I use IMDB and rotten tomatoes for reviews not random torrent site forum. My downvotes are absolutely warranted if someone can't formulate arguments beyond writing woke since he hates minorities,woman and black...
2024-06-18 12:13:01
I download torrents and use the website and take the few seconds to upvote or downvote comments so "creepy" lol quest accounts are such a joke and have worst takes as usual just say what you mean you triggered that I downvote rightoids or d...
2024-06-18 09:11:58
Weakest monsterverse movie by far they are catering to children and it's so obvious the human characters are one dimensional stereotypes,plenty of overused MCU humor which I absolutely hate MCU did such a huge harm to writing and characterizatio...
2024-05-14 10:29:39
Marco Chick? I either don't the joke or you are middle schooler at best Marco pollo was great show with brilliant acting and storytelling in the golden age of television that was 2010's way better than majority of shows on now. Also I mean...
2024-04-26 13:13:18
This is one of the worst shows I ever seen from writing perspective and they ruined so many legendary characters and turned them into one dimensional sterotypes the only good think is animation,but the animators should have spend their talent on way ...
2024-04-26 11:50:25

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:_kitty: Kitty
Another pet to keep you company. Have a good rest of your week 😀
Thanks for the honest tv/film reviews. 😊
2024-07-10 08:35:44
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:_turtle: Turtle
Welcome to the Turtle Clam
2024-01-21 02:35:59
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COMMENT: Sexually liberated woman are based goated. Tradcons are cancer. Only incels that never touched a woman in their lives are triggered by hot woman who enjoy sex and life. Also by virgin comments like "304,simp" you can instantly tell terminally online basement dwellers who never got laid and have room temperate iq.
2023-11-20 11:29:02
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Good sex positive well written and acted show,showing black woman rap culture fun and entertaining watch. Your typical religious brainwashed conservatives, racists and prudes are triggered as always.
2023-11-10 02:35:48
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COMMENT: Good sex positive well written and acted show,showing black woman rap culture fun and entertaining watch. Your typical religious brainwashed conservatives, racists and prudes are triggered as always.
2023-11-09 13:50:05
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