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Still laughing about your 'sub guyz?' comment. I'll have the tuna on whole wheat with extra cheese and extra mayo. Hold the tomatoes. 😂
2021-06-11 14:06:45
Thank you for supporting TG's artists by voting in the Christmas banner competition.
2019-12-22 20:56:26
Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback/comments, much appreciated by all.
2019-11-12 16:23:06
Thank you for supporting TG's artists by voting on the Halloween banner competition.
2019-10-25 19:36:27
Thanks for your torrent comments, remember though the more informative the better for other users
2019-07-15 09:19:59
welcome yo TGx have fun and enjoy
2019-04-04 16:22:57
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Looks very stupid.
2021-09-03 22:24:18
This movie is trash. Streamed the first two minute and turned it off. :_shit :_shit :_shit:_shit:_shit Five shits out of five
2021-09-03 22:18:11
@Guest-3134 Thanks for that usefull information :_shit:_:(
2021-08-12 04:44:43
Thanks For the up @Guest-2621 No Tattoo is not in it. Now days that would probably be too politically uncorrect .
2021-08-12 04:31:24
Great series it sucks it ended,but at least they gave us closure unlike most shows. :_B)
2021-06-10 16:49:46
@ABB1 Ill take a meatball on wheat with light sauce,mayonnaise and pickles.:_B)
2021-06-10 16:47:33
Great Movie Thanks for the up. How the hell you think reapers comment a review. What InspireNZ wrote was a better review than that and it was even really a review. Heres a better not great but better one for user on IMDB. Wow. I wasn't expecting...
2020-10-20 06:10:49
Thanks for the up B)
2020-08-17 23:50:13
@ Guest 2424 Google Quibi and you will understand why.
2020-08-17 23:40:57
This movie is trash. Nowhere near as good as the OG Not worth the download.
2020-05-10 22:41:44
Thanks for the up:)
2020-05-04 19:54:21
Thanks for the up:) They done a extraordinary job on this episode.
2020-05-04 19:53:49
Thanks for the up :)
2020-04-27 21:32:53
Thanks for the up :)
2020-04-27 21:32:07
Thanks for the up :)
2020-04-27 21:31:11
Thanks for the up and link to stream :) ...
2020-02-22 06:40:52
Thanks for up and link to stream:)
2020-01-19 16:02:03
Thanks for the up and link to stream:)
2020-01-15 06:29:19

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2019-12-21 23:19:31
15 plain and simple :D
2019-10-24 14:53:56

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by Jzamfl:_male:
    on 2021-09-03 22:22:02
Pretty good flick.
:) :( :D :P :-) B) 8o :? 8) ;) :-* :-( :| O:-D Party Pirates Yuk Facepalm :-@
:o) Pacman Shit Alien eyes Ass Warn Help Bad Love Joystick Boom Eggplant Floppy TV Ghost Note Msg

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